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How to Care for an Orchid

Buying An orchid

When choosing a flowering orchid be sure to select a plant with a good ratio of open flowers to buds. Flowers open very slowly so a plant with not enough blooms may not make the best presentation. Please don't worry about longevity, blooms last many months with average care.

At A Whole Bunch Flower Market our orchids plants are locally grown and delivered fresh. They are never in a box or on a truck. We make it easy for you to find a strong, healthy orchid. We're sure to have your favorite color!

Taking it home

Orchids are graceful but not so delicate. They can take brief exposure to heat or cold but ideally they would like to be kept above 65 degrees F and below 85

How to Care for Your Orchid

Orchids enjoy long days of bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sun and keep the plants cool if possible to preserve blooms.

Be sure to let plants dry out between waterings to avoid root rot. They will, however, take a few more minutes to re-moisten than plants potted in soil. At AWB we soak our orchid plants for 10 minutes in 6 inches of lukewarm water less tan once a week. We let them drain thoroughly and put them back on display.

All orchids are planted in bark or moss and never in potting soil. This medium is very porous and actually repels water when it's dry. This is the reason soaking the pot your orchid is planted in works better than top watering. Water will most likely rush through and out the bottom rather than seeping in slowly like it does in soil.

Fertilize your plant whenever it is producing new leaves and never when it is in rest. Use an orchid fertilizer as directed or add some weak, black coffee or tea to the water before soaking your plant.


Use only bark or moss and re-pot only when your plant has clearly outgrown it's old pot. Avoid re-potting when your plant is in bloom.


Most of the orchids sold at A Whole Bunch are Phalaenopsis Orchids. They are the kind with a flower that resembles a moth or butterfly. They are perhaps the only orchid that will re-bloom in home conditions.

Phalaenopsis orchids will bloom naturally in the spring as long as they feel cold in the winter. We suggest moving your plant close to a window that gets cold at night or to a room that is not well heated but is above freezing in the fall. Growers lower their greenhouse temperatures to 42 degrees F to encourage flowering.

Plants should sprout new shoots in January for blooms in April or May.

Remove old blooms as they fade, and cut back the flower stalk after it dries naturally.

For more information about our locally grown orchids and other great flowers please call us any time at 781-221-0016, or email

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